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About WPPCO.:

WPPCO. is name of a very fast growing entity was established in Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia in Year 2011, WPPCO. has experienced sustained and steady growth.

In last five years only.

WPPCO. strength points are its well trained team, and wide range of modern construction equipments.

Since its inception, WPPCO. has become one of the leading Facilities Management Service Provider and Infrastructure Project Development companies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. In relatively short period of time WPPCO. got experienced in all spheres of:

  • Electro-mechanical works implementation.
  • Infrastructure sewage, Water Storm, and water supply networks, including extensions, underwater tunnels, and all irrigation, drainage, and dams’ maintenance works.
  • Execution & maintenance of all types of Service buildings.

2.1 Vision :

WPPCO is a multifunctional group, which provide engineering services in the Power, Water, Sewer and Civil Construction sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is our vision to become the market leader in engineering contracting in the above sectors in the Kingdom and other Gulf Countries, whilst ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality standards and to contribute to the technical, economic and social developments of the region.

WPPCO has witnessed extra ordinary strides in its growth during the past 3 years and aspire to acquire new heights in volume of business and to broaden its business activities through diversification in related fields. WPPCO shall operate in existing and new business which profitably capitalize our Corporate image of reliability and integrity.

It is also our vision to ensure high standards of leadership in productivity and total quality management so as to offer best services to our customers. We also stand for fostering a culture of participation and innovation for employee growth and contribution.

We believe in the principle  “The excitement of attaining the unachievable is a huge motivator for growth”.

2.2 Mission ::

To render best quality services to our clients in the Power, Water, Sewer and Civil Construction  by integrating skills and technology.