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Our mission is to provide exceptional infrastructure solutions that transform communities. Through our expertise, dedication, and commitment to quality we aim to:

- Deliver projects that meet the highest standards of quality, functionality, and durability.

- Enhance connectivity, mobility, and accessibility through well-designed and efficient infrastructure systems.

- Promote sustainable and environmentally conscious practices to minimize our impact on the planet.



To be a leading infrastructure contractor, transforming communities through sustainable and innovative solutions that enhance quality of life.



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Water and Wastewater Networks

At Water and Power Projects Company, we specialize in designing, constructing and maintaining high-quality water and wastewater networks to meet the needs of communities and industries. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and best practices to ensure that our projects are safe, reliable, and cost-effective.


Electro-mechanical Works

We also specialize in power generation and distribution projects, including renewable energy systems, power plant construction, and substation design. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with clients to ensure that their power needs are met efficiently and sustainably.

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Our services encompass the evaluation and analysis of current networks and stations, the design and development of new systems or the enhancement of existing ones, the replacement and renewal of damaged parts, the improvement of operational efficiency, and the rehabilitation and maintenance of stations and networks to ensure their sustainability and excellent performance.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

WPP excels in building, improving, and managing Wastewater treatment plants. With expertise in planning, design, and construction, we ensure compliance with regulations and environmental standards.


Skilled in procuring equipment and coordinating resources, we deliver efficient, high-quality projects. From commissioning to ongoing support, our capabilities safeguard public health and contribute to sustainable water management. We trust our experience to create effective wastewater solutions that prioritize environmental protection and enhance community well-being.

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Water & Wastewater Stations

At WPP, our expertise in water station projects spans from building new facilities to enhancing existing ones. With meticulous planning and execution, our seasoned team ensures that each project adheres to the highest industry standards and environmental regulations.


Whether it's constructing water stations from the ground up or upgrading infrastructure for improved efficiency, we are committed to delivering reliable and sustainable solutions that meet the unique needs of every client we serve. 

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At WPP we offer reverse osmosis units designed specifically for municipalities. These units are designed to remove dissolved salts and minerals from water, making it clean and safe to drink.


Our systems are easy to operate and maintain, and offer reliable performance.





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Head Office

Water and Power Projects Company 7941 Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Aziziyah, 2092, Dammam 32424 

+966 (0) 13 8172 189


We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. If you are interested in a career with Water and Power Projects Company, please email your resume and cover letter to

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